Sint Franciscus/Vlietland Group Hospitals

The SFVG (Sint Franciscus and Vlietland Group) has chosen Het Bouwadvies as the company to assist them in the broadest sense with the renovations of both their hospitals, including their terrains.

They require support for all of the project phases, from the initiation phase up to the completion phase. This will bring various tasks, as for during the initation phase you will need a person who has a bit more experience and who is also able to think a bit more abstract. Tasks assisting with the drafting of project initiation documents, creating accurate budgets etc. 

This opposed to the completion phase, where a more technical and precise person is required to analyse whether everything has been done according to plan, along with the supervision during the construction, reporting of project meetings etc.

Het Bouwadvies will be providing its services, to ensure that this renovation project for both hospitals will be finished succesfully, according to the wishes of the SFVG.